Abortion is a sin or not, that’s another story. It may be called a right (which I disagree with) but it is wrong, as we all know. According to the Wikipedia, over 652,639 abortions were reported to CDC in 2014 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Are you serious dude? That’s the murder of 652,639 babies in a year! (Couldn’t find the data of 2017)

Credits: PixabayHow about killing your new-born baby by your own hands? After all, it is no different than abortion, no? I know you won’t do that because you feel the pain, and I’m very happy to see that humanity is still alive! Well, there have been a lot of arguments whether or not abortion is the murder. Some believe that the baby is not alive and that’s why it means nothing to kill him while some believe that it’s a murder.


As you can see, 77% people voted for “Yes” and only 23% people voted for “No”. Seems like people are already aware of this fact. But I don’t wanna debate with anyone on it nor I am saying that you’re doing a murder, that’s my belief and I’m happy with that. In his article, I want to bring your attention to 3 important reasons why you should not abort a baby.

# 1 – It can be harmful to women:

This is one of the biggest reasons why you shouldn’t abort a baby. Abortion might appear as a solution to you but abortion can be harmful to your own health too. How can you risk your health? Maybe because you believe that the baby is not alive and removing pregnancy is all what you think is a solution for you.

But let’s use the condition “if” because the chances of such harm are low. Though it completely depends on the time you abort a baby. If it is within the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, then there are no big risks but if you’re late than 10 weeks, then you’re probably risking your health big time.

# 2 – Violation of civil rights:

We all know what are civil rights. Aren’t you violating the civil rights by aborting your innocent baby? Why he/she don’t deserve to live? why don’t you permit him/her to come in this world? Just because he/she is in your womb. Not a good idea!

The percentage of rape cases is pretty high in Western countries, and maybe you’re the victim of the same case? Even if you were raped, you shouldn’t punish your baby for that. It’s depriving the life of children from them, simply because they are unborn, and that’s exactly why I believe it’s a violation of civil rights.

“But the question remains: How can killing a newborn infant be illegal and shocking to the collective conscience, yet ending that same life moment, days or weeks before be perfectly legal and socially acceptable as long as the baby is still in the womb? There is no logical answer.”

Source: LiveAction

# 3 – It damages the relationship:

Some women abort their babies just to make sure that their men don’t leave them alone but little do they know that a baby can increase the love between husband and wife. And how it damages the relationship? Their men cheated on them and they were left alone! Of course, it doesn’t happen to everyone but the fact that we can’t predict the future makes it sensible that maybe the next such person could be you?

A baby adds the responsibility to father’s shoulder and that’s exactly what makes him serious about his life which ultimately makes the father much closer to baby’s mother. If you can’t afford a baby, then don’t sleep with each other because the punishment of your sleep will be faced by the baby. Have you looked at the process of abortion? It is very cruel. I can’t even imagine!

At the end, I’d like to clarify that these are my personal thoughts because I believe that abortion is a murder and violation of civil rights. Please take this article in a friendly manner. If you disagree with me, sure, you have the right to do, and so do I. If you have aborted a baby in your life, you probably know how painful that period is. Not only we deprive the life of an innocent, but we hurt our own feelings too. Was it your choice? If so, I’d suggest you read this article: Abortion: The “Choice” to Kill

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