If your stomach is bad, it has been broken, you have to go to toilet again and again its best claim is cumin. Eat spoon cumin seeds chew, drink lukewarm water from the back, and the diarrhea gets stuck in a single dough.

If there is a lot of diarrhea … you have to go to the toilet every two minutes, then take half a cup of raw milk without heating it and put the lemon in it quickly. The milk is to be cooked before it starts to burst and only one dose is taken.

And there is a good claim that this fruit which is on the tree of Bael, chew the anus, then take a little water after that and it also cleans the stool. Drink a powder of bael, drink it with a spoon of lukewarm water in the market. This also fixes the stool.

If your stomatch is not clean, then it is the best claim. Eat Ajwain and drink hot water after, it immediately cleanses the stomach, sleep for food at night and the stomach will be cleaned up in the morning.

And a good claim is to clean the stomach, triphala powder, take one spoon triphala powder in the night while sleeping, the stomach will be cleansed with water.

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