There are many types of diseases in the ear.Ear flux, Boils – pimple, Carnose, Deafness Etc.

Boils, pimples and pain

In the ear, boil and pains can do the following treatment.

  1. The boil of the mustard oil in the ear boils – the pimples are fine.
  2. Cook the garlic buds in the spleen oil and put it in the ear when the oil is cool.
  3. On pain, heat onion juice will be rested on the ear.
  4. Mix a little camphor in the juice of basil leaves and heat it and put it in the ear.
  5. The boils by putting cow urine in the ear – the pimples are fine.
  6. Mixing the juice of garlic, radish and ginger, and putting it in the ear is aam.
  7. Mixing neem oil, bell oil and garlic oil in equal amounts benefit from it.
  8. Ears pain is cured by putting banana stem in the ear.
  9. Taking a bit of camphor in the juice of Basil leaves and boiling it by putting it in the ear, it provides relief in the pimple.
  10. Eating pain stops by putting the self in the ear.
  11. Add a little bit of chickpea in the mustard oil and cook it, and after cooling, it is beneficial to drop the drops to the ear.
  12. Mixing a little honey in neem oil and mixing it in the ear improves the pain.
  13. Eating pain stops from putting the juice into the ear.
  14. The juice of beetroot juice is also eliminated by putting it in the ear.
  15. Heat the juice of beans and put it in the ear, it cures earache.
  16. Egg pain stops because of putting banyan milk in the ear.

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